About us

Christine Reuther Owner of Yabuka, consultant, trainer & coach.

Yabuka is an international Consultancy, Training & Coaching company based in France – Strasbourg

Yabuka is a Croatian word which means apple, nothing to do with the giant Apple! Christine is half French, half Croatian. She is a passionate and happy Entrepreneur since 2007!

After a bachelor in Sales & Marketing, she worked for major industries: Millipore, Osram, Socomec, Rio Tinto but she was bored! She wanted to live something bigger, something different. She moved to Tunisia with her Family (3 years) and created her first consulting company to help industrial plants reduce costs through environmental actions, exciting!

She moved to Singapore (4 years) where she created again her consultancy activity, and started to coach Executives and teams from 12 nationalities in large organizations : Club Med – Air France – Veolia – Apple – Rockwell Automation… fascinating!!

Christine co-founded a business network in Singapore to support female entrepreneurship with more than 350 participants, she now develops a Business Network for women in France through networking events and workshops. thrilling!

She designed dynamic workshops and coaching programs for Graduates and Executives looking for a job in Singapore and also coached Entrepreneurs.

Working with Entrepreneurs as well as with large organizations helps her offer a combination of multiple approaches: Blue Ocean Strategy, Lean 6 sigma, Lean Start’up, Business model generation, Design thinking, Neuroleadership…

Her training Business Coaching training at the ‘Neuroleadership Institute’ of Singapore. 360° tool ‘The Leadership Circle’ Accreditation. Bilan de Compétences at RH France. Internal auditor ISO 14001 norms Accreditation.